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Bigfoot Exists

Posted: October 26, 2014 in FILM REVIEWS/COMMENTS
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IMG_0739.JPGFive vacationers find themselves terrorised by a disgruntled and legendary Sasquatch.

As a POV film it’s finely executed by one of the godfathers of modern POV films director Eduardo Sánchez. However, given that there’s been so many POV films since its debatably needless when you have the likes of the Rec series to contend with.

The clips and trailers steal surprise shock and value so avoid if possible. Yes it’s another cabin in the wood horror as the group are picked off but it does build to a satisfactory conclusion unlike acclaimed Witch Project which built up to a single scare as copied by The Paranormal Activity series.The acting is solid especially from Chris Osborn’s main character Brian but are not as rounded or fleshed out as in the low budget The Battery (2012). The effects, make up and costume are first rate and story wise it will certainly appease bigfoot fans.

Script aside thanks to the (predicable yet fulfilling) story and Brian Steele who plays the creature, it’s possibly the most defining bigfoot /sasquatch film to date but bare in mind the majority of sub genre is as reliable as bigfoot sightings themselves.

A doll possessed by a dead woman and demon threatens a young couple with a newborn baby.

Where as the Conjuring borrowed from many other horrors but stood on its own (the spin off) Annable falls shy, that said Director John R. Leonetti offers a slick period filmed chiller and the special effects are first class.

It borrows much from the likes of Magic, Child’s Play, The Omen, The Exorcist and The Entity to name a few. For a B film concept the acting is above par, Annabelle Wallis’ Mia Form is convincing and the introduction of the Demonic harassment aspect plays out well, with Tony Amendola as Father Perez giving the proceedings weight. Written by Gary Dauberman, there’s the obligatory woman who knows about spirits and the all knowing detective.

Leonetti effectively builds up some tension, yes it’s creepy, mostly thanks to some heavy sound design jump scares and eerie figures, there’s a notable lift and stairwell set up, but none of which really involve Annable.

In a nutshell there’s scarier doll films out there, it’s not as encompassing as its parent film but this is a good way to spend your time until the Conjuring 2.


In time for my favorite time of year, early I know but we’ve already put the Halloween decorations up in my home! 

The rights to both vampire thriller Blood Hunger and zombie chiller Dead Pulse have reverted back to myself. After this Halloween the novels will become unavailable.

They possibly may be resurrected in second editions depending on publishers. While the first editions satisfy, in retrospect their not as polished from an editing standpoint as I would have wished but no use crying over spilt milk. Still they’re entertaining horror travel reads. Even the industry’s big players are feeling the pinch and its difficult for the most seasoned authors to earn a crust so I’m not holding my breath for the novels to be picked up.

All is not lost in a shallow grave my sci-fi novel The Final Version is being well received. Again thank you for reading, thank you for your support and have fantastic Halloween.