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Spoilers ahead!

After staging his own suicide, a scientist becomes invisible using a suit to stalk and terrorise his ex-girlfriend.

This is yet another adaption of HG Wells tale The Invisible Man, the domestic abuse angle offers a fresh perspective on the classic source material. It also, takes some of the intriguing urban elements of Hollow Man (2000) but replaces the traditional invisibility with a suit that came straight out James Bond’s invisible car from Die Another Day (2002).

It’s well acted, Elisabeth Moss’ performance as Cecilia the abused partner add emotion and weight to the proceedings. Aldis Hodge is notable as James Lanier, a police detective but it’s Michael Dorman as Tom Griffin, Adrian’s brother and lawyer who steals ever short scene he appears in.

The invisible action and effects are well staged and executed. Director Leigh Whannell offers subtle touches from visible breathe from an invisible source to appearing knives and floating guns. That said, it’s terribly frustrating, if you’re not partial to the ‘no one believes me’ scenario type of films. In this case the police and family refuse to believe her story. There’s a nice reveal in the latter half but the final twist you can see coming a mile away.

Overall, Whannell’s film may not follow Wells’ story or be as much fun as Hollow Man and other film adaptations but it is a welcomed and effective serious toned Invisible Man film, that comes with a reminder of the horrific abuse one can suffer from a partner.