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An expert hitman is pitted against his own clone run by a government sanctioned security service Gemini.

Director Ang Lee offers a solid fun actioner with an injection of science fiction that echoes the likes of Assassins (1995) and the 6th Day (2000) with a feel of John Woo’s Face Off (1997).

With a notable supporting cast that includes the likes of Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Douglas Hodge, Benedict Wong and (somewhat wasted) Ralph Brown you’d think it would be a entertaining dramatic hit however everyone feels so relaxed that there’s no real sense of danger. With paper thin motive the Jason Bourne-like government conspiracy scenes never quite hit the mark lacking some much needed weight.

Even though the whole film seems an excuse for Will Smith to face off against the parallel universe Fresh Prince of Bel-air assassin, Smith is great in the duel young/old roles along side a menacing Clive Owen. Smith, however, like the reset of the cast feels flat, even during the emotional highs, possibly due to the colourful locations, cinematography and Ang Lee’s general directing style.

The CGI de-aged effects are a mixed bag at times as excellent as the wacky fight setups but at others not as effective as the young Sarah Conner in Sky Dance’s other release Terminator Dark Fate.

With global-trotting fights, chases and shoot outs throughout there plenty to like right up-to a little clone twist in the closing act along with a surprise death.

Overall, Gemini Man is a lot better then the trailer makes it out to be but it’s odd tonally flawed entertaining action film.

A spaceship crash lands on the now inhabitable Earth, a millennium after events which forced that humanity to flee. With his father injured a boy must embark on a perilous journey to ensure their rescue.
Just like A-lister sci-fi Oblivion (2013) After Earth lacks originality mainly borrowing the back story of Starship Troopers (1997) and Outlander (2008). However, to M. Night Shyamalan’s credit while not as visually slick as its rival, After Earth is easier to connect with thanks to its simple premise, family and father and son themes.
There’s no intricate storyline, nor is it action packed. It’s a basic sci-fi survival adventure about a boy facing his fears. Those expecting a Will Smith film may be disappointed as it focuses mostly on Jaden and his character of Kitai Raige, while not the best looking lead actor he carries the film adequately with Smith Sr. playing against type cast as a serious general.
Shyamalan, Smith and Gary Whitta’s central story line getting from point a to b in a hostile environment is broken up with a few flashback and dream sequences, with an appearance from Zoë Kravitz. The effects for the most part are striking and the hostile environment wonderfully realised.
Overall, it’s a solid popcorn science fiction adventure.
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