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Patti Roberts – Book Blog: Up Close & Personal with Author – A. M. Esmonde

Click the link to read the interview I did with Patti Roberts. Covers some personal stuff, unscrupulous ‘publishers’, cover designs, characters and book changes.

WHC 2010 was my first horror convention. And like any other of the con’s it had it’s lovies and it’s darlings. I was there  to pitch my next project, meet the horror fans, the ‘Countess’, Ramsey Campbell and James Herbert.
I don’t do networking, I like mixing with real folk.
I won’t name them but there were a few that behind their glossy pictures are just false and rude, like Hollywood there is a dark under-side and where more fitting to see this superficial horror gloss than at a horror convention.

Here are my highlights and thoughts on thd World Horror Convention 2010.

Thankfully I had a drink with my hero James Herbert, author of Rats, Haunted and one of my personal fav’ novels Creed, to name a few.
James sent me a letter nearly 20 years ago, wishing me luck with my horror writing. It took a long while, but finally catching up with him was great, he’s witty, down to earth and everything I hoped he would be.

Tanith Lee is a well respected fiction author, we sat down to dinner in her company. She’s an elegant down to earth lady, importantly accessable to her fans. For me though, being a Bond fan it was great just to spend sometime with the great late Bernard Lee’s (‘M’) daughter.

I sat down with Ingrid Pitt, she asked me how the fish was, while she signed a my copy of Hammer’s Countess Dracula and Vampire Lovers?!
She’s now a feisty lady hidden behind dark glasses. She’s so frank, I was rolling with laughter as she spoke about a verbal duel with John Wayne, and her ‘love’ encounter with Clint Eastwood off set.

Another highlight was seeing some great art work two of my fav’s were ‘Nameless’ Steve Crisp. The face looks like my wifes!

And ‘Out of Time by Les Edwards which captures the feeling if the 1477 A.D segement, minus the wings, of my book Blood Hunger. Les Ewards signed a limited 2/25 print for me.

As well as speaking to Ramsey Campbell author of The Nameless and Solomon Kane. I had the pleasure of his down to earth company, a really nice guy.

I also had a intoxicated chat, as a free bar was forced upon me, with Chris Fowler, breifly chatted and shook hands with Neil Gaimen, Coraline Creator which was fun…

I’ll leave you with a picture of my wife, friend of the stars about to eat some cockles on Brighton Pier.