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dom-hemingway-Dom Hemingway, a safe-cracker just released from prison sets out to get his reward for keeping silent and rekindle a relationship with his daughter.

Richard Shepard writes and directs this Guy Ritchie, Matthew Vaughn- esque styled quirky gangster flick. Packed with colourful language, Shepard goes out of his way to try and break a record in using the ‘C’ word.

Sporting a double-breast suit muttonchops and bridgework Jude Law has a blast playing against recent typecast as the alcoholic loud mouth, hard man Dom Hemingway. Law offers some vulnerable touching moments at grave of his wife Katherine, when he visits his daughter Evelyn (Emilia Clarke) and scenes involving his grandson. Richard E. Grant plays his one handed best friend Dickie, Grant gives a subtle great performance as a cross between the dearly departed David Niven and the late Mike Reid’s Frank Butcher. There’s great chemistry between Law and Grant. Beauty Mădălina Diana Ghenea is notable as Paolina, Fontaine’s Romanian girlfriend.

It’s violent and humorous in places with some genius touches and great lines littered throughout. What it lacks in depth and structure it makes up for in pace as you follow abrasive Dom’s plight with money, anger and relationships. It benefits from a good score and bona fide St Tropez and London locations.

Overall, worth watching for Law’s loose fuse, profane, dangerous Hemingway and Grant’s performances alone.