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A police officer is killed on duty, however, he is recruited by the Rest In Peace Department who capture ‘Deados’ that escape the afterlife. Sent back to Earth as a ghost with a new body of an old man he is partnered with a ghost cowboy who to the living looks like a leggy blonde.

With elements of Ghost (1990) and Ghostbusters (1984) and in the vein of Men in Black (1997) to name a few R.I.P.D is an entertaining enough ride. Kevin Bacon is on his usual fine form and has the most fun with his role, Jeff Bridges is perfectly cast as the aged Cowboy Roy, Ryan Rynolds as Nick is bemused throughout after his death and plays it straight.

Opening with an unnecessary flash forward and voice-over from Nick what follows is a fast paced predicable yet enjoyable setup as the Dedos must retrieve a load of gold to create a portal for the dead to return to Earth. Most of the fun comes from what the living people see when they look at Rynolds and Bridges as an old Asian man and a female model. There are some good one liners, the gross out effects are as outlandish as the script by Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi and David Dobkin. Director Robert Schwentke delivers some good action setups and the pace is fast enough for it never to get bogged down.

If you though Jonah Hex (2010) was scrutinised with mass hysteria you should enjoy this comic adaptation for what it is. There’s nothing to dislike in R.I.P.D with its special effects and good cast it’s just a pity it falls short due to a derivative idea and story. Nevertheless, Men in Black fans will possibly enjoy it far more than others.