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Crawl or Die

The future… A team of soldiers try to make their way out of a maze of underground tunnels while being hunted down by a deadly creature.

A relentless and grim indiefilm, reminiscent of The Decent, in terms of tight spaces, part homage to Alien with it’s creature design. It’s a dark film with tight metal shafts, torch lit, choking soil filled tunnels as Tank and company try to find there way out.

Lead Nicole Alonso’s performance as Tank and costume peaks interest, Torey Byrne and David Paul Baker are notable. The practical creature design deserve a mention being well hidden until the closing act.

Given the nature of the film the dialogue is sparse and the sound design is effective. Director Oklahoma Ward’s Crawl or Die (a.k,a Alien Crawl) is a slow burning low budget feature that will certainly disturb claustrophobics. It does a lot with its limited budget.

Worth checking out if you like the likes of The Dark Lurking (2010),Hunter Prey (2009), Cargo (2009), Crawlspace (2012).

In 2010 I was lucky enough to watch David Paul Baker’s Mission X. Two years later I sat down to a preview showing of his latest offering Screen. Unfortunately, due to book and film deadlines I wasn’t able to view the whole chiller. Nevertheless, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again David P Baker captivates the viewer from the outset- compelling viewing.
70 people died in front of the screen in the 70’s, with the 40th anniversary of the deaths nothing can stop Lola and Carrie from attending and watching the Screen. Watch-Scream-Die.
What I did see (certainly from a Brit perspective) is an everyday underbelly vision of the USA that you wont see in a Hollywood blockbuster but may get a glimpse of in a Quentin Jerome Tarantino film. Trailers, drive-ins, diners and American suburbia. Baker directs a rounded cast including actress Nicole Alonso and injects style, great depth, colour, visual effects and sharp editing.

I admire Bakers tenacity to get things done but even more so his ingenuity as a filmmaker. What I saw of Screen was creepy and intriguing, bodies with gauged out eyes, crime scenes, static TV’s and mysterious silhouettes and shadows.
When Screen is available to the masses make sure you watch it, but don’t let life imitate art by screaming and meeting death.