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A virus has transformed the majority of humans into zombie creatures. An unlikely group try to fight for survival in a military base.
Even though every country has had a stab at a zombie/virus film recently – France already with the entertaining Le Horde nevertheless here’s another French take – refreshingly Mutants is the opposite of the aforementioned and takes a serious tone with the subject matter, stylishly filmed by director David Morlet.

There’s great sets, cinematography and art direction. It has cold eerie lighting, empty bunkers and some well executed gore effects all on the backdrop of a snowy wintertime setting.
Many scenes are tension filled with the added feeling of claustrophobia for good horror measure. Although the sound design of the infected is arguably overboard the acting is first-rate with Helene de Frougerolles (looking Aisa Agento-alike) carrying the film. In Louis-Paul Desanges and David Morlet’s screenplay everything is played for realism, adding a hard edge to the proceedings.
There’s an annoying abundance of shaky camera work that has become synonymous with zombie – like virus films. Calls for help on the radio, bunkers, machetes, guns, human betrayal, love and loss – all the clichés are there but handled realistically. This coupled with the naturalist acting and crafted chilling score allow Mutants to breakout from the saturated genre.

28 Day Later rage-like infected aside it has a balanced simmering survival emotional element packed with atmosphere and action throughout. Although humourless it’s nonetheless bloody and dramatically entertaining.
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