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An archaeological expedition  uncovers the tomb of an ancient Egyptian prince. However, the members find themselves being killed off by a mummy who is revived when the words of the prince’s burial shroud are said aloud.
An epic back story of a dying young Pharaoh played out on StarTrek- like sets, miniatures with blackened white men is lifted by Don Banks wonderful orchestral score. The Mummy’s Shroud moves to 1920 where the set design is as classic as the actors and dialogue itself.
What’s notable about this Hammer production is that it borrows much from earlier Mummy films but has a look and feel of its own which has clearly influenced more recent incarnations especially the narration and dessert deaths. Nevertheless, the Shroud really drags it feet, and feels as worn and tired as the shroud itself. The Mummy’s appearance is around the 50 minute mark which wouldn’t be an issue if there had been some suspense or tension in the build up. Not even the great props and 1920’s style sets (which are amazing considering the productions budget) weren’t the only thing on screen to keep you entertained.
20120129-202146.jpgThere’s bribery, a little racial tension and notable is Maggie Kimberly as Claire de Sangre. During the last 30 minutes the kills both on and off screen are effective enough by stuntman Eddie Powell (Christopher Lee’s regular double) and Michael Ripper as Longbarrow is a joy and really gets to shine.
Absent is blood and there is little if any cleavage on display synonymous with Hammers later outings, but what you have in the closing act are some well executed mummy effects.
Overall as the warning tagline read: ‘Beware The Beat Of The Cloth-Wrapped Feet!’ Make of that what you will.