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Miami Vice Movie Poster*** This review may contain pastel colour spoilers *** Get a load of that poster.

Tubbs has won a week’s all expense paid vacation to an island retreat, St. Gerard. But when he and his girlfriend Alicia Austin arrive its a ruse that has been set up by an old adversary.

The Afternoon Plane is the seventeenth episode of Miami Vice’s third season, its one of the strongest semi-self contained episodes, also it resolves the Tubbs Orlando Calderone story-line. Crockett unusually appears briefly at a wedding but this gives support to the story as it plays out similar to the 1952 classic High Noon, with the impending arrival of a killer and the local towns people won’t help. With the phone service down Tubbs is on his own just like Garry Cooper. Written and directed by David Jackson in this episode you get the sense of urgency, there’s desperation and frustration from Tubbs.

Philip Michael Thomas as Metro-Dade Detective Ricardo “Rico” Tubbs really gets a chance to shine. The supporting cast are on form and include Vincent Philip D’Onofrio and John Leguizamo, also notable is Maria McDonald as Alicia Austin, Tubbs love interest. There’s a jarring steamy love making scene after Tubbs and Alicia do some horseback riding. As it unfolds refreshingly McDonald gets to up the ante rather than be just Tubbs’ ‘woman’. As it comes to head Tubbs and Orlando face each other in a fitting showdown.

With gun hails of gun fire, plenty of simmering tension, complemented by Jan Hammer’s music (and featuring We Touch by Loz Netto) The Afternoon Plane is one of the stand out episodes that doesn’t involve the usual main cast.