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Lilin's BroodReview written for @bcrising

After hitting something in the road a news team find themselves visiting a brothel which may throw some light on their investigation. The W.H.I.S.T.L.E team’s recovered footage which will reveal their encounter.

Some Sirius Ship Productions were kind enough to share a screener with us of Lilin’s Brood. Writer/directors Artii Smith and P.W. Simon (A.K.A Mansa Mojo Brothas) cleverly tap into the popular Jewish legend, a redressed favourite among modern occult followers. Lets face it the found footage genre has been done to death but it still has its place and fans. This also I ncludes interview like segments. To Smith and Simon’s credit with the investigative news angle it gives their offering a palatable excuse as to why the cameras should still be rolling. There’s sacrifice, seduction and although there’s many dim and dark scenes it’s a crisp piece of work, finely shot and staged that develops slowly with a R.V, blood trails, torchlight and female flesh on display.

The film features Martin Sensmeier, Maxine Goynes (who is quite naturalistic) and Melinda Milton. Actors Brent King, Martin Sensmeier and Arti Smith offer some comic relief and weight.

Don’t expect the recent Devil’s Pass or Exists, it’s a low budget thriller tale (and more interesting than many found footage films out there) with plenty of effort on display. The editing could arguably be tighter and some of the dialogue debatably delivered better but I’m not complaining – as without Lilin’s Brood the world wouldn’t have it’s clever movie poster (you must check it out).

Although the cinematic style is slightly worn there’s plenty of mysterious atmosphere and a few jump scares thrown in to keep you watching. Overall, for those who like occult themed and found footage flicks Lilin’s Brood is quirky enough to hold interest.