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If you like audiobooks and love vampires you are in for a treat with my latest novel Blood Hunger…

From the fall of the vampire in 1477 A.D to their return in the present day… Their first bite, will be your last!

Last year I undertook a vampire concept photoshoot, models and actresses around the UK came to a ‘haunted’ castle and a museum in Wales, to capture the spirit of the novel, and portray a glossy version for film development.

Think you know vampires? although I have stayed true the vampire origins, it is different to whats around in todays pop culture and while it has it’s own twists it’s definative of the genre.

It has a shroud of Bram Stoker, Joseph Sheridan Lefanu. If I were to draw comparision to the screen, even though vampires are vampires and must be generic or they become something else, it isn’t Twilight, Buffy, True Blood or Vampire Diaries and thinly closer to The Hunger and Hammer Horror’s spirit.

I’ll leave it for you to decide. The audiobook Blood Hunger will be on iTunes, Napster, Amazon, HMV to name a few this coming June 2010.