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 In January my house seems bigger, but because the decorations have come down. It’s still dark, it’s cold, it’s wet, it’s Britain.  

I’m awaiting the to see sight of the final edit of my latest and last sub-genre horror novel Darkest Moons. Aside from that the only writing I’ve been doing is some prep for my next film and reviews. 
I’ve watched some TV lately too much in fact. Much of the following may not make sense to those outside the UK,  but Andrew Stone Pah! I’d love to see Michael Madsen pull his head off and feed it to the Playboy twins. ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ UK, bosh! Only Madsen is a real celeb in that house and he’s American.
‘When Paddy met Sally’ – Paddy cracks me up – Woman get me my tea! I find it odd the papers said Paddy was a fake, however, he’d been on a Danny Dyer hard man documentary. How can papers write such tosh. Course he’s real. Certainly more real than Andrew Stone.
I think I’m going slightly mad either that or I’m rotting like a corpse in one of my books. It’s being in the dark, dark mushroom Britain.
I know someone that holds a grudge against Nigella Lawson. I love Lawson – that is Nigella that is not her Dad. But Nigella did give a duff recipe that ruined a turkey! 
Typical my TV guide got the start date of Hustle wrong, I ended up with Anna Friel. I’m looking forward to the last series of Hustle, aw the last one. However, even though Jaime Murray returns since I found out who her dad was and I saw ‘that’ Spartacus clip – I’m a little scared now.  It’s the dad thing. 
Sherlock has been really good but Jewish men don’t dock.
Family guy, Joe doing American Dad. Dancing in the street.
Bowie, Elvis and Bassey birthdays…
Sometimes I look at Mick Jaggar and think how the feck does he get those wives. No amount of money is worth that. He’s a walking Picasso.
Chip-shop chips, rain, the Doors and red Toyota’s oh the good life.
Also there’s Mad Dogs to look forward to. Fantastic. 
Statistically more Hamsters die in January.  
If anyone knows what I’m talking about Answers on a postcard, did you smile? ‘like’ this or leave a comment.
So maybe January’s not that bad in the UK… If you have a TV?
My best 

With the film already released in the UK last year I though I’d share my thoughts on Devil’s Playground prior to it’s American State-Side release 11th October.
The world succumbs to a viral/zombie apocalypse as group of Londoners try their best to survive and are torn to protect one person that holds the cure. (Sounds suspiciously like the plot to Dead Pulse)

Mark McQueen’s direction is more than sufficient and effective coupled with ominous lighting, realistic settings and great special effects. While the ‘zombie’ supporting cast are worthy of note and the make up well designed, the free running style infected is unnecessary and distracting.
Brit actor Craig Fairbrass (Cliff Hanger) gives a typical performance as hard-man Cole. The rest of the cast are adequate, notably MyAnna Buring, but there’s not enough meat on Bart Ruspoli’s script or character development keep them busy to show any talent. The flawless Jaime Murray is sadly wasted with a little amount of screen time and even cockney favourite Danny Dyer the diamond geezer doesn’t get enough to say.
If you must draw comparisons, it’s pale against the likes of 28 days later or Dawn of Dead (2004). But to its credit Devil has a crisp atmosphere and eerie London setting.
Overall, generic, yet, a lot more watchable and entertaining than many of the DTV zombie/virus flicks that are being churned out.
Alyssa Milano Poster Lavender Lingerie
What have Underworld,¬†Buffy the Vampire Slayer¬†and Van Helsing got in common? No not girl power. Answer:¬†Heroines.Where does¬†Lucia Ferrara¬†fit in this¬†feisty¬†bunch amongst¬†a love struck teenager¬†similar¬†to Twilight’s Bella Swan? Kick-ass characters like¬†Buffy, Selene and¬†Anna Valerious. A¬†damsel¬†in¬†distress, Wilhelmina “Mina” Harker as in the tradition of Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel. Lucia is like none of the above…
Kristen Stewart 11X17 Poster Banner Photo - Smokin Hot! New! #05What she has got in common is that she’s a fictional character, a heroine¬†who finds herself in an¬†extraordinary and¬†dangerous¬†situations faced with deadly choices. She’s an everyday woman, just like you. No super powers, no desire to become a vampire, no longing to marry Jonathan Harker. She pouts and snorts when she laughs. Her problems are balancing her work, health, friends, relationships, men and family.

Trading in Zumba, aerobics classes every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for something a little tougher like Kalaripayat or sparing sessions, she likes to keep herself in shape. Despite being beautiful, with the looks of her mother (who she tragically lost to cancer) and celebrities Alyssa Milano and Mila Kunis, she still feels self-conscience and insecure about herself.

Lucia Grace Ferrara went to a public school and then Goldsmith University, London picking up a BA (Hons) in English and American Literature. After the death of her father she has only his friend and her godfather Robert Morgan to look out for her and her boyfriend Max to rely on. However, this is her greatest flaw thinking she needs a man in her life to make her feel strong,(a replacement for her deceased father?).

That said, her life changes when Max makes a find that puts him on the cover of ¬†the¬†tabloids¬†and she gets an unwanted slice of fame. She meets a captivating, woman named Iliana in a museum and soon Lucia is drawn into a world of mystery and deception. It’s it not long after this ‘chance’ encounter that she is implicated in a murder and has Adrian Michaels a D.I contacting her to be questioned. Little does she know that a frozen body her mountaineering boyfriend has discovered is linked to this¬†enigmatic¬†woman and she instinctively knows that something is not quite right.

Encounters at the museums, several invitations, a masque ball, an outdoor music show and lavish dinners entwined with death, mutation and infatuation and she finds herself in a web of deceit within a rabbit hole.And her life is turned upside down when she meets a man named Stellan.

Lucia is given an old book which gives her an insight to who’s body has been found and who this woman may really be. Soon she finds herself questioning her sanity and¬†decisions¬†as these strangers offer so much and ask for so little.¬†Before long she is forced to go head to head with¬†Iliana, her sisters and even Stellan. It increasing becomes difficult to remove herself from the dreamlike,¬†perilous,¬†situations and locations she finds herself in.

There are endless actresses that would make the perfect Lucia Ferrara, personally I like the idea of Jaime Murray, but casting direction was never my forté,  who would you chose?

Are there any¬†elements¬†of¬†¬†Bella,¬†Selene or Mina in Lucia,¬†that’s for the reader of Blood Hunger to decide. One¬†thing is for sure, Lucia maybe the most¬†unlikely¬†of characters to have ever faced and uncovered real evil…
Blood Hunger cover

Blood Hunger is out now.

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