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For today only my walking dead zombie horror Dead Pulse is totally free worldwide. Get your undead hands on it right now! Click here or paste and copy



THE FINAL VERSION CoverSet a reminder!
Updated 1 Sep 2014 : The Final Version peaked at #12 in the USA cyber punk Kindle Chart. Thank you for making it happen👍🌆🔫
For this weekend only my science fiction The Final Version kindle edition will be totally free, journey through the history of genetics and be catapulted to a post-apocalyptic future, a conflicted dystopian utopia of cyberpunk, cryogenics and government-conspiracy.

Watch the trailer here:

Get it free this weekend here:

Put a note in your diary of the dead!Blood Hunger topped the kindle horror charts last month now the zombie Dead Pulse is totally free this Halloween and Day of the Dead season. Grab yourself the ultimate walking dead bargain!*
When being dead no longer means the end…

With a staple on George A. Romero’s dead mythos while paying homage to his ‘rules’,  Dead Pulse gives an insight into the zombies food pecking order, their thought process and how they actually function.

Dead Pulse also explores what it truly means to survive a zombie apocalypse through the harshest seasons on the land, sea and air over an intense 12 months. Of course there’s all the zombie action you’d expect from the genre and more.
*update 03/11/2013 Dead Pulse made the top 40 horror ebook chart #39. Thanks to all.

Death does not discriminate…

Remember Dead Pulse is totally free this Halloween and Day of the Dead season, but if you can wait its out now from a variety of online stores, including Amazon US and Amazon UK you can also order it from your local store. Also if you get your undead hands on the paperback edition the Kindle comes free.

Check out Dead Pulse’s “calm before the storm” trailer:
Pictures with kind permision and A. M.Esmonde

For a limited time my vampire horror thriller Blood Hunger Kindle edition is totally free! Get it quick here: