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Okay it’s official I’ll be attending the Roxy Bar not just because I write horror, not because I make horror films, not just because I’m a self confessed horror fan or not just because the horror starlet, actress/presenter Emily Booth and star of my next book is fronting the project (although that’s a hell of of reason to). It’s because this event is the brain child of ‘The Classic Horror Campaign’ creator Richard Gladman, the man behind persuading the BBC and other television networks to bring legendary horror films back to our screens.
Emily Booth
I’ve supported Richard in the past and I discussed Classic Horror with the late great Hammer Horror Icon Ingrid Pitt (Bring Horror Back to the Beeb post) where I met her at WHC2010.

The screening of two classic favourites “Night of the Demon” and Hammer’s “Vampire Circus” will take place at the Roxy Bar & Screen on Borough High Street in London (close to London Bridge) Friday 22nd April.
Although my following is mainly the USA and Canada it’s important for me to keep those British traditions afresh, after all these classics were one of my major influences and I’d like them to be appreciated by a whole new generation wherever you are in the world.
A. M. Esmonde
This is why myself and various horror celebrities support this including Jeremy Dyson, Andy Nyman, Reece Shearsmith, actress Eileen Daly, David Moody and Hammer Horror’s Shane Briant and icon Caroline Munro.

I will be celebrating classic horror in the tradition of the BBC’s iconic horror double bill days of old, today. So why not join me on Good Friday and hammer horror home.