Supergirl (2015) TV show review

Posted: May 23, 2015 in FILM REVIEWS/COMMENTS
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  *** This review contains super spoilers ***

Durning the destruction of Krypton a girl is sent to earth to escape and to protect her cousin but when she arrives her mission becomes something very different.

In episode one Kara goes undercover becoming a regular person with a few knowing her true powers. There’s a nod to the DC Super franchise with cameos from Dean Cain, Helen Slater and a flash of the Man of Steel himself. While debately not as striking as 1984’s Slater, Melissa Benoist looks far more comfortable in the duel Kara geek/ Supergirl superhero role. Opening with a expository flashback, an explanation of her delay in The Phantom Zone, arriving late to earth it turns out there’s no need to protect Kai-El. And maybe no need for two alien super beings.

Its fittingly goofy at times, it’s fun, with some good action setups, it has nice effects for a TV show, the tone is also serious at times reminiscent of the Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman pilot.

After Supergirl reveals herself to the world it gets interesting when her presence has a far more of a rippling effect than her cousins and she’s introduced to an underground alien monitoring organisation. It’s also humorous when Kara begs her boss Calista Flockhart not to coin the ‘Super Girl’ name. There’s some warm scenes with her sister Alex and her mother and it finishes on a teaser with the introduction of her aunty.

With a predominantly female cast, it has a positive young vibe and comic book feel, which may give it some longevity in a saturated superhero TV schedule. It’s up, up and okay.

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