Mad Max Fury Road is Buggy Good

Posted: May 22, 2015 in FILM REVIEWS/COMMENTS
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  Set in a future desert wasteland a woman is hunted down after smuggling out five wives of a cult leader who have been specially selected for breeding aided by a caged slave who is being used as a blood donor.

Without drawing comparisons to Gibson and George Miller’s previous three Mad Max outings and the countless cash-in Italian films it spawned what’s clear from the get go is that with some great camera work Miller knows how to give a film a contemporary look and feel while retaining a Mad Max vibe.

Mad Max Fury Road looks absolutely gorgeous, with sweeping shots of deserts, fitting costumes, great make up, sets and vehicle designs. The sub character are likable and the unlikely alliances formed are interesting. Even though the dialogue is limited there is never a dull moment with some fresh, original, dare I say unique action setups. With people leaping from one car to another using poles reminiscent of giant dune buggy aerials to name just one. It’s one long road trip in a strange, post-apocalyptic world from start to finish with branding, skin tattoos, siren like females and a combination flamethrower/guitarist on a bungee to name a few.

Miller, Brendan McCarthy and Nico Lathouris’ basic screenplay has plenty of surprises and it tries to move away from the paint by numbers actioner that have flooded the screens for an age.

The acting is solid, Charlize Theron has fantastic presence as the one armed Furiosa, lacking any levity which gives credence to the character who is trying to help a group of women (including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who also shows she can act) escape for a better life.

Tom Hardy is on fine form as the dream and nightmare vision afflicted Max but is on a equal footing with Theron in terms of screen time as they face danger together throughout against rival nomads and the memorable cult leader Joe played menacingly by Keays- Byrne. Nicholas Hoult Nux leaves an impression and characters develop and refreshingly change. Even the eccentric characters and over the top stunts, gun-play and explosions feel grounded because you buy into the world where gasoline and water are scarce.

Its not glossy like the Jurassic World nor Terminator Genesys, Fury Road is dusty, gritty, surreal in places, visually impressive entertainment, perfectly executed and more than just another action movie.


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