WolfCop – the golden age of VHS, today

Posted: March 7, 2015 in FILM REVIEWS/COMMENTS
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*** This review may contain hairy claws spoilers ***

I’m not a critic, just a film fan. You know what, I’ve been sharing my thoughts of films for a longtime, then two come along at once where I get taken on a nostalgia trip, the first was Bloodbath Bombshell and now director writer Lowell Dean’s WolfCop. It took me back to the golden age of VHS horror, a time when practical effects ruled and every now again you had to clean the heads on your Video Player. The days when the story no matter how wacky was taken with a pinch of salt, was engaging and the production values felt high. WolfCop no doubt if released in the days of top loaders would chew your tape up.

Leo Fafard as Lou/WolfCop is superb as the washed up alcoholic small town cop, who after an strange encounter begins to investigate his own crimes and take down the local hoods. Put in a blender American Werewolf, The Howling with a touch of Teen Wolf on the local town backdrop of Rambo, add a beer, two shots of whiskey and your close to WolfCop’s ambiance. 

Packed with blood, guts, hair and humour, Jonathan Cherry is memorable as Lou’s knowing friend Willie, there’s a notable montage where they ‘pimp’ outfit a police car. An odd scene where the jail cell werewolf is given beer and doughnuts and there’s werewolf action scattered throughout. It’s well made, Dean offers lots of interesting set ups, Toby Bond’s music is fitting and the on location shoot gives the film some weight. This is not Direct to Video – DTV or whatever the kids call it these days, possibly direct to digital download DDD? Its a well executed film.

It has that 80s seediness and cheese in places and throws in a few scares, bloody limbs, fights with plenty of comedy. But the icing on the cake is WolfCop’s practical effects and old school visuals which are outstanding.Thankfully to Dean and crews credit there’s not a sniff of CGI. 

Worth checking out at a full moon but be careful it may change you.

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