The Day of the Mummy

Posted: March 6, 2015 in FILM REVIEWS/COMMENTS
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*** This review may contain Mummy POV spoilers that I’ll never forgive myself for if I didn’t warn you ***

An Egyptologist wearing hi tech glasses goes on a hunt for a sacred jewel called the Codix Stone for a treasure collector.

With a creepy opening what follows is a 10 minutes exposition opening from Carl played by the great Danny Glover and we’re introduced to a contemporary middle aged womanising, The Mummy styled Rick O’Connell wannabe, miscast William McNamara as Jack Wells.

As we have Wells’ character point of view from the moment he puts on the glasses we also are subjected to his disembodied voice that sounds like the voice over you’d get in a video game, possibly comparable to Uncharted or Resident Evil, not that he has anything wrong with his voice or acting it’s the sound design that’s an issue. Persistent badly done POV interference and annoying on screen graphics hampers this inferior film to the similar themed The Pyramid from the outset. 

Glover’s character asks around the 35 minute mark, “show me something exciting.” Its as if he can read your mind as that’s exactly what the viewer will be thinking. A POV shoot out, a colleague trapped limb, finding a dead explorer, irrespective of which one came first it lacks the atmosphere, sets or execution of the aforementioned. It feels Syfy channel/direct to video (DTV) (or direct to digital download these days if there’s such phrase) it’s not clear if the issue lay with the budget, director Johnny Tabor, the cast or writer Garry Charles’ dialogue. 

After an uneventful hour or so we’re finally treated to some good effects and fine mummy design but it’s more or less everything that appears in the trailer. Brandon deSpain does a fine job as Neferu, the Mummy but his screen time is limited.

Tabor offers some sunsets, nice desert and wasteland shots.The best thing is Glover’s Carl witty quips (from Charles) as he appears like a FaceTime Skype call in the the bottom left of the screen pushing Jack on to finding the treasure. 

First person game fans my get a kick out of this but it’ll leave Glover and film fans scratching their heads and emptying their shoes of sand.


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