Snowbeast 1977

Posted: March 3, 2015 in FILM REVIEWS/COMMENTS
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An annual Colorado skiing event is terrorised by a Yeti. 

 Not to be confused with 2011’s Snow Beast. Veteran TV director Herb Wallerstein’s 1977 outing is a competently made, poor mans, TV version of Jaws but doesn’t reach the summer blockbusters depth, tension or flair. 

Written by Joseph Stefano (who wrote the screenplay for Psycho) offers the expected slow talky dialogue which is broken up by the occasional glimpses of the Yeti, Bigfoot-like Snow Beast.

Robert Prince music is fitting, notable is a set up where the beast is glimpsed at a window which it then smashes through in front of a hall full of children and skiers. 

Endless Snow beast POV shots aside, the snowy on location shoot adds atmosphere with cinematography from Frank Stanley. The acting is of its time but better than today’s low budget attempts and the man in a suit and real looking blood is still more effective than the bad CGI Syfy channel productions being put out. 

 It has higher-than-usual production values especially considering it’s a made-for-television movie. As Yeti films go, it’s worth checking out especially for those wanting a 70s fashion nostalgia ride.


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