Haunt haunts

Posted: March 3, 2015 in FILM REVIEWS/COMMENTS
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A sensible teenage boy befriends a troubled young lady and together they try to communicate with the previous deceased occupants who died under mysterious circumstances.

To director Mac Carter’s credit Haunt has one of the most chilling ghost story openings put to screen, in addition he offers jump scare after jump scare, which never grows old thanks to some solid acting, music, sound design and eerie effects. Although Andrew Barrer’s screenplay is inherently another ghost genre copy there’s plenty of intriguing thanks to the McGuffin radio they use to communicate with the dead. Thankfully the focal characters don’t fall into the annoying teen category. The teen relationship doesn’t become too cheesy and its refreshing that the parents don’t take centre stage which avoids Haunt becoming another Conjuring or Amityville Horror clone.

With an on location feel Haunt is creepy and remains scary throughout with even some of the day light scenes raising hairs. Ione Skye as the concerned mother is notable and the abused teen, Megan Fox- ailke Liana Liberato is effective. The star of the show is Jacki Weaver as Janet Morello who is intense and creepy in a small role. Sadly, Danielle Chuchran’s screen time is limited as she steals every scene as to dose the younger sister played by Ella Harris, possibly to avoid story comparisons to the aforementioned and many other similar horrors.

Even though you can see the twist coming a mile away, reminiscent of Stir of Echoes it’s a respectably old-school ghost chiller that’s wonderfully put together with scary visuals and a great narcissistic ending.There could have been more focus around the photos in the shed and little more about the EVP box’s history but the ambiguity works. 

If there’s one thing Carter can do, it’s create tension and thrills. Don’t let the mediocre poster fool you this is one of the scariest modern old school style horror stories out there.


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