Bigfoot County/Tapes

Posted: March 3, 2015 in FILM REVIEWS/COMMENTS
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A documentary filmmaker and his brother with his parter go to Siskiyou County, California to investigate alleged Bigfoot sightings and get more than they bargained for.

As the found footage influx continues this addition is strong enough as a POV film, but if anything it’s a little miss sold with the prominent Bigfoot tag. Writer, director Stephon Stewart’s Bigfoot County a.k.a Bigfoot Tapes is too real for its own good, yelling, cursing, screaming in the dark and rape, the reactions feel real but does that make good entertainment? It has a great on location setting of forest and caves there’s some notable realistic tense scenes especially at the beginning and final act. What starts as a Bigfoot hunt turns into a blunt, hard hitting Deliverance-like film by the closing act.

It debatably has the edge over the similar Big Foot: Lost Coast Tapes (2012) from an audience engagement perspective but unlike ‘Tapes it has very little full on Bigfoot encounters which may leave some viewers feeling short changed. 

The opening first act works well due to the leads and supporting casts performances. The odd local characters and the two leads are excellent for a low budget entry. Stephon Stewart as Stephon Lancaster and Davee Youngblood as Davee Lancaster are naturalistic and have good on screen chemistry.

Due the the one camera aspect it has credibility but also loses the scope of a traditional film setting. Like the comparable aforementioned it may not be the best hand held camera shot movie or Bigfoot film, that probably goes to Exists but it’s better than what Syfy are churning out.

  1. Gatekeeper says:

    Yeah another Bigfoot movie. Going to pass on this one.

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