Fire and Ice – Teegra flesh revisited

Posted: March 18, 2014 in FILM REVIEWS/COMMENTS
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A king’s land is under an impending threat from an ice lord and his army. After his daughter is kidnapped a warrior assists the princess to reunite her with her people.

Like Ralph Bakshis’ The Lord of the Rings (1978), Fire and Ice has plenty of atmosphere, it actually oozes it but it’s dispensable story leaves it lacklustre given its similarities to other tales. It also appears unusual that the sub character, namely Darkwolf is more fleshed out than the main lead Larn. That said, there’s some nice fantasy elements notably the sub-human ape-like beings, flying dragon hawk-like creatures and sorcerers to name a few.

Given the adult nature of the film it may have been rounded by more blood splatter and Cynthia Leake/ Maggie Roswell (voice) Teegra either being topless through-out or less scantly clad as she almost becomes a titillating distraction.

That said, there’s no shortage of ambiance with wonderful background paintings on display. The rotoscope technique and animation give it a magical unearthly feel. The Teegra flesh on display and a Conan-esque witch scene that makes it worth a viewing alone. Yes it’s flawed but it’s also visually masterfully crafted.


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