Fright Night 2: New Blood (2013) Murray goes Vamp

Posted: October 8, 2013 in FILM REVIEWS/COMMENTS
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American students on a visit to Romania get more than they bargained for when they encounter a female vampire on which the legends are really based and call on help from Peter Vincent, a monster hunting reality star.

Despite a critical and fan black lash the 2011 Fright Night remake it was surprisingly entertaining enough. Fright Night 2 – New Blood starts well enough with its explosive and Paranormal Activity-esqe opening where an unseen vampire (on camera) assailant murders its victim. From pole dancing clubs to underground stations story wise with elements reminiscent of the fictionalised version of the real Elizabeth Báthory, this instalment may have fared better as a standalone vampire film.
Following a gratuitous Jamie Murray moment as Gerri Dandridge (and others littered throughout) we’re introduced to a handful of stereotype characters, and a recast Peter Vincent (Sean Power) on his Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters, Faked or Fact-like programme which coincidently is being filmed in Romania. Aside from characters names it shares very little, if anything as a sequel to Fright Night the remake or the originals.
Writer Matt Venne serves up a sequel in the vein of a 80s horror cash-in follow-ups, it’s a rehash/retelling of the same story, the overarching concept with a different backdrop. It features a nice touch where the antagonist uses bat like sonar to locate the leads. There’s a few one liners, even a borrowed line from ‘Happy Days’ Fonz.
With a fitting soundtrack, a horned eerie score and some good blood and makeup effects it mainly benefits from Murray’s natural allure and performance. To director Eduardo Rodriguez credit it has some great Gothic settings and locations and some novel camera work – other than that think a hybrid execution of it predecessor, the Subspecies series and American Werewolf in Paris. Aside from being more graphic it presents what the likes of Teen Wolf the TV series, True Blood, Vampire Diaries and Grimm to name a few offer.

What it lacks in originality, epitomizing all the trappings of a horror sequel it makes up for with its Hammer looking settings, violent and bloody soaked fun setups and surprising production values given its direct to video debut. Murray fans will be pleased.


Fright Night 2 on IMDb

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