With the release of Day of the Dead Blu-ray (Collector’s Edition) (1985) from Shout! (Scream) Factory. I thought I’d revisit Romero’s zombie Classic (film review below), I loved the Arrow Blu-ray edition, some may like Shout! Factory ‘s new colour, you can find a comparison here and there’s a new documentary ‘World’s End: The Legacy of Day of the Dead’.

That’s said it’s personal preferences I have no idea at all which is more accurate to what Romero indented as both we remastered from an original and the Arrow Ed. was also loaded with extras and Docs.

Here’s the walking dead bad news for many – this new Collector’s Edition is region A locked, so if you have a European player that isn’t multi-region you’re dead out of luck.

P.S more bad news – if you’re interested in the 2014 Day of the Dead Remake and whether or not Lori Cardille will appear, I caught up with Lori and sadly she advised me that no one has got in touch yet not even for a cameo. (There’s still a chance though, I hope.)

Set a reminder! Put a note in your diary of the dead!

The zombie good news is that Dead Pulse is totally free only kindle worldwide this Halloween season (31st Oct-3rd Nov) More info on Dead Pulse below.


A small group of military officers and scientists reach breaking point in the confines of a bunker as the world above is overrun by zombies.

The first two scenes set precedence that the rest of the film can’t equal. The jumpy dream sequence is followed by and eerie deserted city during the day that soon comes to ‘life’ with the walking dead. The city scene creates tension, the howling wind and echoing voices.

Lori Cardille acting is excellent as Sarah, as too is Terry Alexander, as realist pilot, John. Jarlath Conroy is the alcoholic radioman William McDermott, however, after this strong introduction and the movie looses it lustre and wider audience as it goes into the underground bunker.

From here on in, we’re treated with a great performance from Sherman Howard as the ‘thinking’ zombie Bub and a fantastic monologue from Alexander, this is where the film finds it feet. There are fantastic special effects by Tom Savini, who fine-tunes what he did in Dawn’ and adds some more gore into the mix. Over the years the score by John Harrison has really grown on me and given the film a memorable lost hope feel.

There are other fine moments in Romero’s script, Miguel Salazar’s break down, Sarah’s struggle and some memorable on liners mostly from Richard Liberty’s Logan and Joseph Pilato’s Rhodes. However, what lets this film down slightly is some uneven acting. That said, John Amplas underrated and overlooked subtle performance as Dr.Fisher is a hidden gem and Johns monologue at the ‘Ritz’ is Oscar worthy.

Day of the dead is a tight zombie film, and debatably a classic but even if you disagree it’s worthy enough to enjoy time and time again.

When being dead no longer means the end…

So with a staple on George A. Romero’s dead mythos while paying homage to his ‘rules’ I wrote my second novel Dead Pulse which gives an insight into the zombies pecking order, their thought process and how they actually function. Dead Pulse also explores what it truly means to survive a zombie apocalypse through the harsh seasons on the land, sea and air over an intense 12 months. Of course there’s all the zombie action you’d expect from the genre and more.

  Death does not discriminate…

Dead Pulse is out now from a variety of online books stores, including Amazon US and Amazon UK you can also order it from your local store. Remember the e-book free this Halloween. Also if you get your undead hands on the paperback edition the Kindle comes free too.

Check out Dead Pulse’s “calm before the storm” trailer:

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