After the bloody events of the first 1974 massacre and following a shootout at the farmhouse we flash forward to 2012 and the seemingly last of the Sawyer family inherits the house where the slaughter took place.
John Luessenhop delivers an atmospheric direct sequel to the original that borrows from the family dynamics of the Halloween series, only having LeatherFace with a pretty cousin, played by the solid and talented actress Alexandra Daddario.
With a cameo from Gunnar Hansen the original Leatherface and a majority talented cast including Thom Barry, Richard Riehle, Bill Moseley and Scott Eastwood the potential is there. However, what could have been a passable sequel even overlooking some inconsistency and additions to the original is totally let down by a disregard to its own chronological logic/time setting by having the lead as a twenty something scream queen instead of a woman who should be nearing her 40s.
Sadly, this blatant ignorance and error robs Luessenhops’ well shot gory film of any credibility which is a shame given the strong opening and ties to Hooper’s cult classic.

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