Axis Rising – Puppet Master X (10 times the fun! Review)

Posted: February 22, 2013 in FILM REVIEWS/COMMENTS
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Nazis attempt to create a new army by reanimating corpses, when their plan goes awry they go about using Toulon’s Puppet’s secret to assist them.
Picking up where Axis of Evil left off producer Charles Band’s cult creations return. Mr Puppet Master – Band himself directs this instalment and it shows, Axis Rising feels grander than the last, more film-like with better looking locations and production values, plus there’s some noteworthy digital and make up effects. The infamous puppets look more like their original designs especially everyone’s favourites Blade, Jester and Pinhead. The outrageous new puppets this time around are more welcome and its a kick to see some ‘classic’ puppets return.
What Stephanie Sanditz’s German accent lacks in consistency she makes up for in screen presence and looks as Uschi, with Sanditz clearly having fun with the dialogue. Oto Brezina as Doctor Freuhoffer is perfect as well as some of the older supporting cast. The leads have been recast with Kip Canyon now playing Danny and Jean Louise O’Sullivan as Beth – while not the calibre of their predecessors they’re certainly better than some of the hammy performances on display and solid enough given what has been spawned from essentially a 1989 cult film.
Good B movies are certainly not dead, while suffering from the usual budget restraints as many of its predecessors, to Band’s credit Axis Rising flows, looks good, is faster paced and is also slicker than part 9.
What has been consistent throughout the franchise is the great music and Part 10, yes X, is no exception, Robert Douglas and the originals scorer Richard Band delivers a fantastic richer main theme and an excellent amount of stings and cues even if the sound design mix is a little misplaced at times.
Shane Bitterling’s writing injects this Puppet Master with a theatrical and campier tone, nevertheless this coupled with Bands on hand touch makes Rising sexier, bloodier and more fun this time around. While lacking the creepy factor of the first and second it’s still an event to be had – puppets, Nazis, zombies, experiments, boobs and blood what more do you want?

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