Full Moon hit Puppet Master 2 gold – Blu-ray

Posted: January 27, 2013 in FILM REVIEWS/COMMENTS
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UK film distributor 88 films once again thankfully deliver a guilty pleasure of mine on the latest film medium. While an improvement on the transfer of the first and falling slightly short of third probably due to the source material, coming with another collectible booklet and an array of vintage extra and some new surprises it’s a must for puppet master fans.
The puppets return, this time they hunt down some locals and paranormal researchers to assist their master in his evil plan.
Charles Band’s story and David Pabian’s screenplay is almost a remake of the first film. Effects wizard David Allen in the directing chair exceeds the 1st certainly in terms of effects and atmosphere.
While this installment reduces Andre Toulon / Eriquee Chaneé to a walking nod to the Invisible Man and other Universal classic characters, in contrast to how he is presented in the later adventures, it is by far the creepiest of the bunch. Steve Welles performance is wonderfully over the top and steals every scene.
Veteran Nita Talbot is on fine form and the remaining cast are a mixed blessing, Charlie Spradling and Elizabeth Maclellan give solid performances while here at least Collin Bernsen and Jeff Celentano are as mechanical as Tunneler’s innards.
Despite it’s editing and story flaws Allen gives us a darker faster paced and eerier film than it’s predecessor. The flashbacks are welcome and the paranormal investigation angle, while not totally original, gives the proceeds some weight and intrigue. Notably Blade running and jumping from a bed to slice his victim is probably one of best low budget horror moments to date. There are many stand out moments in part 2, Leech Woman’s demise, Torches encounter with a toy whipping boy and the unworldly human puppets reminiscent of the aliens in Carpenter’s (1988)They Live to name a few.
As with all the films in the Puppet Master series they always leave you with one burning question, in the case of two: Why didn’t Julianne Mazziotti/Nita Talbot’s Camille get her own sequel with your favorite little puppets?
Update 28/1/2013: The folks at Full Moon were kind enough to give me an answer: “Many story points in Puppet Master II were influenced by Paramount, not us. That’s why we rebooted the series with PM III.” There’s your official answer.

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