Exit Humanity – Zombie Review

Posted: June 8, 2012 in FILM REVIEWS/COMMENTS
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Exit Humanity (2011)
One man’s journey beings in 1885 as he makes his way though the zombie infested American West.
Mark Gibson as Edward Young deserves a mention for his performance as he carries the film. Brian Cox add weight as ‘old’ Edward, narrating a journal doing a good Johnny Cash voice impersonation though-out but its odd that director/writer John Geddes would use a Scottish man in such an American tale. Dee Wallace, Bill Moseley and the great character actor Stephen McHattie (of zombie flick Pontypool) also appear.
It’s a slow burning, drama, zombie, period piece conventional filmed with some narration. It also includes snippets of animation, dreams and flashbacks to tell the story which gives it an indie-film feel.
The Canadian location successfully doubling for the American West gives the film an authentic feel which is complemented by the melodic eerie score. There’s plenty of shooting and biting. The effects, SFX and zombie make-up are quite well executed. However, it’s not as tight as it could be and loses impact with its lack of a cinematic quality due to it’s TV look.
While it’s yet another zombie film it’s good production and more interesting than many of other living dead films out there.

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