Top Cat is back!

Posted: May 10, 2012 in FILM REVIEWS/COMMENTS
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Despite writing horror and contrary to popular belief I had quite a good childhood. So now again something resurfaces… In this case Top Cat and he’s looking good considering his first show dates back to 1961.
A new police chief unhinged and unhappy with officer Dibble frames Top Cat. Top Cat goes against his most craziest foe.
Hanna-Barber’s prime time animated television star Top Cat returns in his very own movie. Where as Yogi Bear (2010) was put in a real environment and had an awful CGI makeover, makers of Top Cat thankfully stick close to his animation roots. The New York computer backgrounds plates have a hyper-real feel with the characters and gang a 2D flash-animated style similar to Dexter’s Laboratory.
Opening with the original styled Top Cat theme and a rework of the opening tricks and scams it oozes nostalgia. It has all the fun of the original cartoons albeit a little stilted at times. Choo-Choo, Brain, Benny, Spook, Fancy-Fancy and Officer Dibble are all present and correct even if Dibble is a little lighter here.
Packed with cons, robot police, gags, quips Top Cat is still the leader of the gang.

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