I’m not a critic just a film fan, I love many b-films, even z-films which says a lot.
However, what drives me all Jack Nicholson is when films are well advertised almost pushed and are poor. Sometimes to a point where their marketing budget unjustly is more than the film. Which is fine if they’re good but what about when they are not so good.
Making films is hard work and a stressful process – no one goes out to make a bad film (do they?) and there’s nothing worse than your baby getting panned – it’s happened to myself. What’s annoying though is when people comment your work without even seeing it now that’s a Penn and Teller/ Dynamo trick that anyone would be impressed with. Why comment on something before you’ve seen it? I’ll never understand that.
I like to share my thoughts and my opinions any they may not be right or the definitive they are just my view. You should experience a film for yourself the world is full of Marmite lovers. In any case here are my thoughts on two horror films I had the ‘pleasure’ of seeing… If you’ve seen them what did you think?
Shark Night 3D (2011)
A weekend at a lake house turns into a nightmare for seven stereotype young vacationers as they are subjected to shark attacks, but its not only the sharks they need to worry about.
There’s some good effects and action set ups but Shark Night is poorly scripted, with an equally poor storyline that compared to Scooby-Doo makes it look like The Usual Suspects. It is certainly is a no brainer but if you want to see girls in bikini’s there’s more suitable places to get your fix or if you must even watch Piranha (2010). There’s really not much more to say about this clunker.
While slightly better in the production department compared to DTV films the whole film sinks of yesterdays fish which is odd considering its is the same director of entertaining The Final Destination (2009) and Cellular (2004) to name a few. It’s a shame as everyone loves a good shark film but this just isn’t one.
The Devil Inside (2012)
A daughter becomes involved in a series of exorcisms while trying to discover what happened during her own mothers exorcism.
Opening with some video news story of a police investigation showing three murders it quickly moves to present day. The Devil Inside is another supposed documentary footage film with some good sound design and few jump scares. However that’s about it. Unfortunately the format and story has been done so many times it’s become tiring and this is in the league of The Amityville Haunting (2011) as appose to Paranormal Activity 3 (2011), Rec (2007) or even The Last Exorcism (2010) and Grave Encounters (2011).
As a side note you may want to bring a pen with you for the ending, although it wont help wrap things up when you’ve viewed the site. As with the Fourth Kind (2009) you know it’s not real so it feels pointless to follow bread crumbs as it can’t create that willing suspension of disbelief.
Overall not bad for documentary type fiction but its just not that great when compared to the abundance of others out there.

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