A few of the best surprises have come courteously of lower budget film-makers this year. But my favourite and as a fan of the original, not it’s not Rise of the Apes – it’s a controversial choice… My film of 2011 is The Thing prequel. Gasp!
Here we have a few one-liners of a few horrors and science fictions that I caught this year. For the full ponderings on each title click the links. What was your horror or Sci-fi of the year?
The Dead is probably the most grounded undead film since Romero’s original trilogy.
Looks good, superb cast but painfully predictable.
Wolves, witches, demons, exorcism, possession, brooding fog, castles, dark forests, swordplay and everything you’d expect from an atmospheric fantasy period piece.
There’s some effective bloody gore, grizzly births, severed spines, dog attacks and killings
Considering its origin (based on a series of cartoon and toys) it’s solid entertainment which is being overly analysed and unfairly panned.
An alien comedy homage that you can’t help like.
If modern romance is your thing and you like science fiction there’s enjoyment to be found. Everyone else beware unscrupulous advising.

Aaron Eckhart gives it his all in a Formulaic Invasion flick

Good entertainment especially if you are a fan of Thor, but all the special effects add up to something very forgettable and feels like a vehicle simply for The Avengers film.
Constructive science fiction within a contemporary setting.

The Resident 
Maybe disturbing for many due to themes of intrusion and privacy being violated.

Sucker Punch requires a lot of patience’s for such little reward.

Nothing new, but a wonderfully acted and crafted film.
Well written, lots of fun much and very enjoyable.
Rise manages to be an emotional ride, successfully grounding the concept of the originals while eradicating Burton’s 2001 missed opportunity.
Refreshing film that has all the Hollywood polish without all the Hollywood trappings.
The period feel is captured wonderfully but there’s not enough of Weaving.
Steven Spielberg clone but warmth and wonder it generates that can’t be a bad thing.
It’s crude it’s rude, it’s politically incorrect – with dick, sheep, vagina, gay gags and jokes galore but it’s daft and arguably unoffensive as it’s simply stupid fun.
Very fast paced film with enough surprises to keep it fresh while paying homage at the same time.
Once again it builds up to a big snapping scare, its more of the same. Nevertheless, it still manages to suck you in an be intriguing – why I’ll never know.
Eerie moans and groans of the dead add to the creepy experience. Worth watching especially if you liked the first.
Borrowers meets tooth hungry Gremlins.
Gory, bloody and overall more fun than it should be due to it’s great execution and grimness
A mix of UK’s Most Haunted, USA’s Ghost Hunters (T.A.P.S) and Ghost Adventures although it’s shows what many have been wanting to see for series’.
Strong action adventure but too stylised lacking the foreboding heaviness that Conan requires.
Underground’s weakest link is that it’s not very tight and scenes are drawn out.
Fright Night has its funny creepy moments and is different enough from the original to be entertaining in its own right.
The stellar cast make it work for the most part.
Three a crowd. Period.
Clearly not much has improved since The Blair Witch Project.
John Carpenter returns to form with an effective chiller horror mystery.
A wonderful journey story with aliens as the back drop.Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows 

Dr. Watson’s Stag night, Wedding and Honeymoon go awry. Familiar faces of the first outing make appearances and it feels like a true an equal sequel.


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