Let I be said that after horror and films I love Christmas and the holiday season, if it’s done right you too can feel like Cliff Richard, Shakin Stevens, Slade and Wizard in one giant snowball eggnog. Ah – it’s like a Fairy Tale in New York.

‘Tis the season to be jolly – when fathers get killed in chimneys dressed as Santa, terrorist take over tower blocks and children get left Home Alone to fend off burglars!

If you take it too seriously it will consume you. Don’t become a hater and try to dissect it. Just think log fires and ‘Last Christmas’ Wham jumpers and it will all go away. Also remember some of the best stories and plays (excluding the most famous one) are set in the winter. You may want to skip a Winters Tale though.

I’d like to take this blog opportunity to thank all my readers, fans and supporters for reading my books, watching my films and spreading the word. So while the weather outside gets frightful, curl up watch the perfect Christmas film like Gremlins, Muppets Christmas Carol, Die Hard, The Thing, P2 or Misery and have yourself a merry little Christmas time.

(Okay so they’re not all technically Christmas films but you get the snow drift.)

My zombie and vampire book continue to be successful (I’m not just making the connection it because they feature snow in a few chapters). Thanks all, I really mean it and to quote some lines from two of my favourite holiday films, “Now I have a machine gun – Ho, Ho, Ho .” “You’ll be sorry you’ll all be very, very sorry. ” and not forgetting, 
“I can see! I have…I have legs. I have… Oh shit, look at this. Legs! I can walk. …”,
“It’s Christmas, Theo. It’s the time of miracles, so be of good cheer…”
Happy holiday and have a fantastic New year!
My best A


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