Review – Hostel Part 3 – Three’s a crowd

Posted: December 18, 2011 in FILM REVIEWS/COMMENTS
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Four friends go to Vegas on a bachelor party but end up in an underground club. When one of their friends doesn’t return after the crazy night things take a turn for the worse when they go looking for him.
Opening with a homage of sorts playing against the expected as two victims are caged – Hostel Part Three is off to a good start. The American setting is refreshing but the unlikeable characters are also stereotype and much of the acting is painfully average. Director Scott Spiegel gives us creepy cab drivers, corridors, buildings and alleys. There’s booze, bums and boobs, drills, face pealing and bug torture.
Part three contains what you’d expect in a series that coined the phrase ‘torture porn’ but the effects are average. Despite a few lapses in logic, this entry is missing the grit, terror and feels like its just going through the motions. Michael D. Weiss’ screenplay attempts to expand the mythos but the characters don’t  appear authentic which dampens the fear factor. The last act is literally overblown with an awful twist.
While interesting, overall it’s cheap and pale in comparison to Eli Roth’s superior predecessors.

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