;In 1982 Tron bombed at the Box office so much so Disney didn’t make a llive action film for another 10 years. I must admit I was never a huge fan of Tron,I don’t think I’ve ever revisited it since its release on VHS. It left your eye’s feeling they’d been assaulted by your Atari. It was a product of it’s time, but still was influential and left unfounded imagrey embedded in you mind. Still, it was hardly suprising the game ourgrossed the film as it was far more enjoyable. So three decades later comes part 2, and there was Gene Hackman sceptical of a French Connection II within a few years. Thankfully Jeff Bridges returned but how does the sequel fair? Remember opinions are like… Any how here’s my thoughts…

Tron: The Original Classic (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) ;The son of a virtual world designer goes looking for his father and ends up inside the digital world that his father designed called The Grid. ;Credit to Tron: Legacy’s writers including the ;Edward Kitsis and ;Adam Horowitz, it incorporates and builds the original idea which compliments the feeling of 1st nicely. ; Director Joseph Kosinski delivers a stylish looking film, heavy toned and rich in atmosphere. It fits the story and the films design, in addition, the neon look is not used as a gimmick. The music, effects and action scenes are well executed and stay with you after the film ends.

The story still remains basic like it’s predecessor. On the other hand, Disney again allows an edginess to shine through that gives it a little depth, it’s not all gloss with the themes quiet dark. ;This time visually everything is cooler, sleeker, less clunky and awkward than in Tron.

Tron: Legacy - Sam & Quorra - in The Grid 11x17 Poster

Garrett Hedlund is an effective enough lead as Sam Flynn Kevin’s  ;son. Jeff Bridges returns to the Kevin Flynn role and also plays his nemesis Clu. The veteran actor is on top form. ;Olivia Wilde is simply stunning as Quorra, oddly her demeanour is reminiscent of Sean Young in the original Bladerunner especially as the film closes. Notable, is memorable Beau Garrett as Gem. There’s a few cameo appearances and Michael Sheen shows up part ‘Ziggy stardust’ and ‘the Riddler’ as Castor.
This time it feels story driven as appose to effects driven. Nevertheless, like Tron the special effects were a product of it’s time, in Legacy’s case the 1989 ‘young’ Bridges is not perfected just yet, and the film may have befitted from having the young Kevin in the ‘blurred’ grid flashbacks with him not really being seen with young Sam in the opening. That said, the Clu character another version of a young Bridges works in the confines of the grid as it’s digitalised look debatable fits the story.

Tron Movie (Reaching for Light) Poster Print - 22x34 Poster Print, 22x34

Overall, ;Kosinski ;builds on the 1982 Tron concept and coupled with some appeasing writing Legacy arguably excels original as a piece of wider-appealing digestible family entertainment.

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