In the follow weeks not just one but two of my horror books with be unleashed onto the unsuspecting general public.

I set out to write several definitive genre horror pieces. Where as ‘Blood Hunger’ a vampire tale is a bloody no holds barred vamp story with scope, it is very different to the ‘type’ of vampire stuff that is popular ala twilight, true blood and vampire diaries. There was so much to explore in Blood Hunger that the spin-off film ‘Terminus’ was made and the Blood Hunger film is in development.

Now ‘Deathwatch’ is another beast, the draft was written long before the recent Zombie boom, as I call it. I missed that cultness that Romero’s zombie incarnations had. By the time I was happy for it to be put out the market was flooded with zombie everything. I felt that we didn’t need another zombie George .A. Romero style book and Deathwatch is basically one big tribute to Romero.

So why is it being released? We’ll because you the zombie readers and fans. reviewed a draft and encouraged readers to contact me. The response has been overwhelming and it’s convinced me that maybe there is room for one more zombie book in literature hell.

So that’s it. Blood Hunger and the audiobook version will be to shortly and in addition, the novel that was never going to see the light of day Deathwatch will be released too.

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