I won’t mix vampires, teenagers, werewolves or zombies!

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I thought I’d lay a few questions to rest…

Darkest Moons my Werewolf novel is over half way penned… It’s a raw and atmospheric horror novel. Although, Blood Hunger is a Vampire tale, Deathwatch is a zombie Tale and Darkest Moons a Werewolf tale, however, there’s no cross over stuff.

For the record all my novels are linked (but you have to find out why) I won’t indulge in mixing the sub-horror genres, they’re strong enough as stand alone entities and subject matters in their own right. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the Underworld series, Van Helsing and I like the idea of Meyer’s Twilight etc, but a vampire versus werewolf, and all that jazz. I feel its unnecessary teaming them up or pitting them against each other.

Blood Hunger, Deathwatch and Darkest Moons are all fast paced and there’s no teenagers, I’ve stripped all the recent hybrid/cross over popular culture stuff, and gone back to the essence of these sub-genres. The feeling I’ve gone for is that of the origin, with a modern twist that I hope fans and new readers will enjoy.

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